Tips to winning in PUBG Mobile’s Team Deathmatch mode

TDM is the fast-paced mode of PUBG Mobile.

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Team Deathmatch is a fast and aggressive game mode in PUBG Mobile. It pits two teams of four players in small maps, and the first team to reach 40 kills wins the game.

At the start of the game, your team is put in one of both spawns randomly. You have no custom loadout. Special items can be picked up in uncovered places such as weapons, so you must be ready to take the risk and ask for cover from a teammate to pick up those items.

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Deathmatch is one of the most traditional game modes in first-person shooters, each game having its own specificity. Here are some tips to play better and get the edge on the opponents easier in PUBG Mobile‘s game mode.

Forget the slow pace of battle royale game mode

In Team Deathmatch, dying won’t make you lose the game since you can respawn. It’s not useful to be too cautious about not dying once in the game, because you’ll make more kills when taking risks and getting closer to the enemy’s spawn. But that doesn’t mean you can rush without using your head.

Also, the delay to respawn and get back to the game is quite short. When respawning after you died, you’ll be invincible for a handful of seconds, so it will be the best time to kill your opponents especially when your team is behind and the enemies are camping your spawn.

Lastly, Team Deathmatch doesn’t reward camping like on the battle royale mode. The maps are made in a way that you can’t camp in a corner—every spot can be discovered from several angles.

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Choose when to go back and regenerate

In TDM, you can regenerate all of your HP when you stay out of fight for a number of seconds. It’s easy to find a spot to get cover, regenerate and maybe recharge your weapon, and then go back to fight to help your teammates.

While this trick is useful, you don’t want to use it in every situation, particularly not when the enemy is at your spawn and snowballing. In this situation, you’ll be more useful by being invincible for a few seconds after dying than camping somewhere in the middle of the map and go to them alone.

Don’t overlook the position of your teammates

In most of TDM matches, players have a tendency to play alone at first and then start to group up after giving a hanfdul of points to the enemy. In the middle of the game, there may be a moment when your team or the enemy’s will stack up as four and will push together.

If you play with your teammates and not alone as soon as the game start, it can help you get the edge on the opponents. When you don’t know where to push, join a teammate and cover them, or take another path to watch the part of the map your teammate aims at from another angle. If your teammate gets killed, you might be able to avenge them and make the kills even.

As the game goes, you can also spot the best player (or the second-best after you) in your team to assist them in giving more points to your team.

Punish your opponents’ stubbornness

With maps as small as the ones of TDM, you’ll want to vary your paths and positions of shooting because repeating the same one over and over will make you too predictable. If you shot an opponent from a certain angle, they will surely run to this same spot when respawning to avenge their death.

You should do the same and punish the stubbornness of the opponents. It’s a natural reflex to use the same path over and over, especially at the start of the game before the players realize they have to change their strategy. That’s why it’s something you can abuse to get easy kills.

Match your playstyle and weapon

If you’re the type of player to rush and play very aggressively, you’ll want to use a weapon more useful in close range, with a high fire rate, like the Tommy Gun.

On the other hand, if you like to flank and shoot the enemies from afar, the UMP with a scope (2x at most, but certainly not x4 because of the size of the map) or the AKM will suit you more.

Overall, it’s best to try out several weapons to find the best one for you. TDM isn’t hard in terms of weapon choice because it’s quite restricted. You’ll find the best one after a couple of games.

Go prone

You may already have seen players covering a spot in prone position. This gameplay tool can help you win both by taking the enemy by surprise, and be a smaller target for them. You can use this tool time to time, but not everytime or you will become too predictable and will be punished for it.


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