Tips for playing Omen like a pro with 100T b0i

Elevate your Omen gameplay with these tips from 100T b01.

Written in collaboration with AimLab.

Omen is one of the strongest controller agents in VALORANT.

His kit is full of incredibly potent skills that are invaluable for taking control of a game. His support potential is rivaled by few agents in VALORANT. Additionally, Omen has the potential to make tons of solo plays and round-winning decisions as a controller.

Here are some tips from the newest member of 100 Thieves’ VALORANT roster, b0i, to help you refine your Omen play.

Using your smokes

Omen’s signature ability is Dark Cover. These smokes are some of the best in the game for a number of reasons. They’re very large and allow for precisely placed one-ways. Each one lasts for 15 seconds and Omen can start the round with two of them. They also recharge every 40 seconds, meaning Omen can get a smoke back in time for a retake or spike defense. Lastly, Omen’s smokes are completely clear on the inside, allowing him to play in and teleport through them.

“If you know how to use your smokes, you can make your teleport, your flash, and your ultimate even better,” b0i said.

Omen’s smokes aren’t just for denying space, however. They’re incredibly useful at isolating duels and helping you fight. Omen should frequently use his smokes to take unexpected angles and create favorable situations for him to find kills. Oftentimes, players will see these smokes and not expect Omen to be lurking behind them. Throwing them as false cover is useful for catching opponents off guard.

Of course, Omen players should also know the basic smoke spots. Having them in your repertoire will help ensure successful site executes and spike defenses. Sometimes, the simplest play is best.

Blinding the competition

Omen’s Paranoia ability is the best support flash skill in VALORANT. Throwing it causes a very wide and tall blinding orb to fly forward and near-sight all opponents in its path. It comes out instantly and is nearly impossible to dodge if aimed in your direction.

While using it for set plays with your teammates is always a good option, learning to use Paranoia for yourself is important. If you want to peek to find picks on your timing, flash it first. When the ability is available, always try to emphasize using Paranoia in combination with a peek.

Tactical retreat

Omen’s Shrouded Step is often associated with highlight-reel plays. While the teleport is certainly good at this, sometimes it’s much more valuable in helping you to escape. If you’re pushed up and your spot suddenly turns into a bad one, always use Shrouded Step to stay alive instead of relying on a teammate. Omen is one of a few agents with a quick relocation ability, so there’s no reason to stay stuck in one spot.

Flashy Flexinja plays

Omen’s kit has tons of built-in synergy that allows him to go for incredibly flashy and aggressive plays. The Flexinja play involves throwing a smoke down, flashing through it, and attempting to teleport behind any blinded enemies. While this play is popular for a reason, it’s best used as a mix-up from your more standard Omen play. There’s a high risk of using all of your abilities then dying, so conditioning enemies to expect it is a no-go. Keep the Flexinja in your back pocket and only use it if you have a read that it will work.

Stay alive

Omen shouldn’t feel like he needs to be an entry fragger. His supportive ability makes him much more adept at assisting his teammates’ entries instead of doing it all himself.

Additionally, if Omen is the primary smoke character on a team, him dying early makes the round much more difficult since there’s nothing to block crucial sightlines. Don’t be a baiter, but try and keep your life and close out rounds. Your team will thank you later.

The ultimate mistake

One of the worst feelings as Omen is using your ultimate to look for information, not canceling it when you get spotted, and dying without accomplishing anything. Avoid this disaster at all costs. Ulting for information is a basic use for it that might not bring the most value.

If you’re going to do this, though, make sure to ping opponents you see. Once you ping them, you don’t need to stay in the teleporting animation. You can instead cancel it early and go on the hunt with your new knowledge.

Tricky teleports

Omen’s ultimate makes a distinct sound when he uses it. But no sound is made when he cancels it. This means that opponents have no idea what Omen is actually doing when he starts From the Shadows. Omen can take advantage of this to mind game his enemies into their demise.

“When you make audio cue sounds, people actually get paranoid of where Omen is,” b0i said. “I think it adds a level of mind games.”

By going into the teleport animation then returning to the same spot, Omen will trick any nearby players into thinking he’s left. In reality, he’s right there waiting to strike.

Study fundamentals, practice creativity

Omen is one of VALORANT’s most unique and powerful agents. His kit contains tons of valuable abilities that are difficult to master. The freedom that Omen has in either assisting his team from anywhere or going for big plays himself makes him a rewarding agent to play. Knowing the basics is important, but creativity and game sense will separate the average Omen from the master.

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