Tips for beating Hex-A-Gone in Fall Guys

Made it to the finals? Here’s how to take home the crown.

Image via Devolver Digital

Mediatonic’s Fall Guys has been a popular hit in the battle royale genre since its official release earlier this month. Hex-A-Gone is one of the final game modes that players can participate in.

The objective of this round is to be the last person standing. But with every tile disintegrating after it’s stood on, players must think quickly on the fly to outplay every opponent. Excluding the initial scattered starting platform players stand on, there are eight different platforms layered one over the other before players fall to their demise.

Regardless of whatever strategy you choose to use in this mode, there are multiple ways to optimize your play and preserve the amount of tiles beneath your feet. Instead of running over each tile, if you jump before the floor vanishes beneath you, you can reduce the overall amount of time it takes for the area around you to completely vanish. Additionally, if there are tiles adjacent to you but separated by only one tile length, you can always make the jump between tiles. If there’s another island of ground that’s two tiles away from you, you can cross the distance with a well-timed jump into a dive.

Since everyone starts on an equal footing, there are multiple strategies you can go for once the match begins. If you want to try to cheese opponents, you can fall directly to the bottom on purpose, either by falling through the center or jumping off the side and diving back inward. After, you can start removing tiles on purpose as quickly as possible, starting from the middle. Since some players may stumble and fall multiple floors before safely landing, this can catch unsuspecting players off guard and result in you getting some cheesy picks. But this strategy doesn’t work well against experienced players or competitors who pan their camera downward properly before falling down to another platform.

While it may be fun to tunnel vision on one strategy, the best way to approach a mode like this is to constantly adapt your gameplay depending on the state of the round. Tackling the state of the map as a flowchart will pay dividends, and the more ruthless you are against an opponent, the better.

If you’re on the same level as other opponents, playing aggressively and moving quickly to cut off the amount of space they have may force an error from them. When you’re trying to remove as many tiles as possible, it’s possible to stand on two tiles at once, halving the amount of time needed to ruin another player’s run. Once you find yourself as the highest player on the map, playing slower and jumping every step between tiles will stall the amount of time before you need to jump down another level. When you’re the lowest player on the map during this mode, you can pivot to either playing slowly and hoping the players above you fall to your level or you can play quickly and cut the space below the players above you, making them fall to the slime prematurely.

Ultimately, while applying these strategies to your gameplay will get you far, practice is what makes perfect in Fall Guys.