TimTheTatman shows off Call of Duty skill with quad-kill in Warzone

Not too shabby.

Image via Activision

TimTheTatman is regularly the butt of jokes from his online friends because he tends to keep company with high-caliber pros despite not being one himself. But today, he showed off a little bit of what he offers to a Warzone team as the “wildcard.”

While playing with some of his friends, including battle royale pro Cloakzy and streamer DrLupo, Tim’s team was caught off guard by a four-man squad that walked right up to the roof that Tim was occupying.

As the opposing players started scanning the perimeter of the roof, Cloakzy quickly aborted the incoming confrontation. But Tim wasn’t about to be kicked off of his perch that easily.

Unloading a frenzy of bullets, Tim took out all four players one by one with his assault rifle in a face-to-face standoff.

“I think I just killed them all,” he said. “Oh my god, that was insane. My spray transition there… I think I’m a little turnt after that one.”

Cloakzy, who’s normally viewed as the one carrying his friends to victory, was unapologetic about leaving the situation after screaming “they’re on the roof” repeatedly during the encounter.

“I’m going to be honest,” he said. “I ran.”

Tim might not typically be at the same skill level as a pro, but he certainly plays shooting games enough to be skillful at them. In the past two weeks alone, Tim has played 49 hours of Warzone on stream, averaging 33,667 viewers. That makes the game both his most-played and most-watched on stream for that time period, according to Twitch statistics website SullyGnome.