TimTheTatMan returns to Overwatch, surprised by rank drop

A Diamond in the rough.

timthetatman overwatch
Screengrab via TimTheTatMan

Tim “TimTheTatMan” Betar made a return to Overwatch after popular fan demand but was surprised to see how far his rank had dropped.

The popular Twitch streamer played Overwatch actively about two years ago, before dropping it for Fortnite. But Blizzard’s radical changes to ranked and a new hero prompted a new wave of Overwatch fever over his fanbase, prompting him to give in to popular demand.

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While his return was certainly met with more than a few PogChamps, the 4Heads certainly started flying at TimTheTatMan’s reaction to his rank drop. Being a top 500 player while he was active, the streamer realized he had dropped to Diamond as he was loading into a map.

As he threw his arms in exasperation, he incredulously expressed that he was “not a Diamond DPS,” before conceding that “it may actually be true,” considering the lengthy absence he had from Overwatch. He also clarified that DPS was not his main role, and his rank back then reflected his skill with tanks and supports.

Ardent fans of his will know that TimTheTatMan is a strong player at most FPS games, Overwatch not excluded. Besides the long amount of time that had elapsed from when he quit the game, the new role queue system might have played a part in dropping his rank.

With the new ranked roles system live on PTR, players will have different rankings depending on the role they select. Considering TimTheTatMan himself conceded that DPS was not his main role, the new metric might have taken it into consideration.

TimTheTatMan might have had a shock at his new rank, but it definitely didn’t stop fans from having fun with his return to Overwatch.