The Unicorns Continue Their Stampede: EU LCS Week 3, Day 1 Recap

Europe started their third week of action with two series pitting top teams in each group against each other.

The first day of week three in the EU LCS had Splyce play against a strong Unicorns of Love team, while Fnatic looked to grab a significant win against the surprising Misfits. Here’s what happened on the Rift in the two series.

(1-3) Splyce 1-2 Unicorns of Love (4-0)

Game One: The Unicorns of Love is the first team to pick up the newly reworked Warwick, and the champion helped get First Blood for UoL. UoL had the lead for the early game, but a throw at Baron gave Splyce a chance to take the Baron. However UoL stole the Baron away not once but twice leaving Spylce’s celebration cut short as Splyce was still stuck on the back foot. A large team fight at Elder Drake went in the favor of Splyce and they took the lead in the game. Despite the early deficit and the Baron steals, Splyce was able to close out the game and take the lead in the series.

Game Two: The Unicorns took the lead in the second game and never looked back. Splyce brought it close a few times, but was never able to topple the Unicorns of Love and take a lead in the game. The Unicorns easily closed out the game evening the series and pushing it to a third decider match.

Game Three: Both teams picked similar compositions to their first game comps, with the hope that it will work out in the third game. The Unicorns effectively used the Warwick to take an early lead in the game, while Splyce struggled to find advantages on the map. UoL took down the Baron and ingeniously used the Ryze ultimate to get an advantageous team fight and ended with the victory in the fight. In resulting team fights, Unicorns of Love were just too far ahead and easily won the game.

Player of the Series: My player of the series is Tamás “Vizicsacsi” Kiss. Vizicsacsi was able to effectively split-push and cause a massive amount of map pressure throughout the series. He provided a stable front-line so that the rest of the team could do a lot of damage, without taking much damage in return.

(1-2) Fnatic 0-2 Misfits (3-1)

Game One: The teams played even for much of the early game with Fnatic sneaking a small lead over Misfits while the game closed in on the 20 minutes mark. Fnatic kept their slight lead until Misfits took the Baron and strung that into multiple objectives, taking the lead. Once they grabbed the lead, Misfits snowballed their advantage and claimed game one from Fnatic.

Game Two: The early-game is even between the two teams, but Misfits came out ahead during the mid-game. They did not make a mistake and took control of the map, allowing them to muscle Fnatic out of the game. Fnatic fell apart as a team and their play resembled a solo-queue style when compared to the play of Misfits. Misfits easily took game two and took the series win.

Player of the Series: My player of the series is Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage. His play on Corki in both games was critical in getting a damage advantage for his team. After a disappointing season with Origen, PowerOfEvil is impressing on Misfits as he has helped the team to a 3-1 record through the first three weeks of play.

Will Unicorns of Love continue their great form and will Fnatic be able to find their footing in Group A? Share your thoughts below or tweet us @GAMURScom