The easiest champions to play in League of Legends: Wild Rift

Perfect to get your start in the game.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends’ new mobile experience, Wild Rift, has finally been launched to many new regions around the globe. With this comes a massive number of new players finally getting a chance to experience the game.

While Wild Rift does draw many similarities to League, the smaller Rift and altered abilities make for a different playstyle giving advantages to some of the champions currently available.

Right now, there are 49 champions to acquire in the game with the team endeavoring to eventually have all the League champions available to play. For new players, it can be hard to choose what champions are easy to get used to being new at the game.

Here is a list of the easiest champions to play in Wild Rift for each role.

The easiest champions to play in Wild Rift

Top – Garen

A top lane tank, Garen is one of the most powerful champions in the game. With his ability to heal while out of combat Garen can sustain himself in lane even after engaging the enemy.

His core abilities match up well against every melee champion in Wild Rift making trading in lane impossible against him. Garen can have issues early against ranged opponents, but later in the game and once he has acquired a tank build, closing the distance and taking out enemies becomes extremely easy. Right now, Garen is one of the few champions in Wild Rift that can solely dictate the outcome of the game if he gets an early lead.

Jungle – Master Yi

For players familiar with League, it will come as no surprise Master Yi is one of the strongest champions in Wild Rift. He is both incredibly simple to play and perfect for Wild Rift’s changes.

Given the smaller map, jungling on the game is a much faster process and with a champion like Master Yi, having the ability to heal off damage and gank lanes on full health during your route is extremely powerful. It also does not take much for Yi to become too powerful.

Once he can acquire some key items, Master Yi’s attack speed and high damage output will prove to be too much for many of the champions in Wild Rift. Since the first release of the game, Yi has been one of the strongest champions in the game.

AD carry – Jinx

Beginners may choose a ranged champion to keep some distance as they learn the controls and flow of the game. Jinx is a great choice for this purpose.

Boasting multiple ranged abilities that can deal substantial damage, players are able to sit back and farm without putting themselves in the range to engage the enemy. Most of the AD carry champions in Wild Rift are perfect to get an understanding of the game, but Jinx should be your first choice.

Support – Blitzcrank

Not only the most powerful, but also the most enjoyable to play support in the game, Blitzcrank is an easy pick for new players.

Boasting his notorious pull, learning skill shots in the game is made easy as this will be the key ability to utilize while playing the champion. Outside of this, Blitzcrank also includes a knock-up, speed boost, and a passive shield that can offer players more damage reduction.

Once Blitzcrank reaches the late game, his build makes him difficult to kill with surprisingly high damage output of his own.

Mid – Annie

Getting a hang of the skill shots and abilities in Wild Rift is key to being a good player in the game. Annie is a great champion to learn this on as she has nothing too confusing or long-range but still utilizes some of the same principles.

She has an extremely effective stun once she can couple multiple abilities together, and even new players can delete enemies with once combination of abilities. While her strength speaks for itself, Annie’s difficulty is quite low with a shield for allies, some close-range spells, and Tibers, a point-and-click ultimate that summons a giant bear capable of dealing devastating damage.

Given the mid lane is commonly dominated by casters, Annie is a great first choice to get a taste of this playstyle.