The best tech gifts for graduation

Graduating in style.

best tech gifts graduation
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For the family in your life that’s celebrating their success (or future) in education, a high quality tech gift can be an invaluable tool that shows you care. Whether for entertainment during some down time, studying, or keeping the dorm clean, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of the best tech gifts for graduation ceremonies.

Sony WHCH710N Noise Cancelling Headphones

Image via Sony
For someone who listens to music, plays games, or simply lives in a noisy environment, these noise cancelling headphones by Sony offer users a number of benefits that can make everyday life a lot more convenient. They feature 30mm drivers for a nice mix of treble and bass quality, Bluetooth connectivity so you can ditch the wires, up to 35 hours battery life and active noise cancellation.

2021 Apple iPad Mini 6

iPad mini tech gift
Image via Apple
The iPad Mini 6 is one of Apple’s more recent products with the A15 Bionic Chip. The A15 is Apple’s most powerful “system-on-chip” for mobile devices, and features a 5 core GPU for the iPad Mini 6. Along with being exceptionally fast, its size and portability makes it a perfect fit for anyone who wants a high quality screen for watching movies, TV series, reading books, displaying recipes, casual gaming and more.

Kindle Paperwhite

Graduation Gift for Readers
Image via Amazon
For bookworms, the Kindle Paperwhite is an incredible gift. This iteration comes with a glare free display and adjustable display lighting so that reading in the daylight isn’t a chore. On top of this, it’s waterproof, so no unfortunate accidents while reading on beach days (unless you really try). To top it off, the Kindle Paperwhite can be bought as an ad-supported device so that the total cost is brought down, making it a great tech gift when on a budget.

Nintendo Switch Lite 

Gaming graduation gift Switch Lite
Image via Nintendo
Most people have heard of the Switch, but don’t know the differences between it and its Lite variant. The differences are fairly simple: the Switch can be played in table top or docked mode, while the Lite cannot. This simply means that the Lite doesn’t support local multiplayer, and it can’t output to a TV.

But that lack of extra functionality means the Switch Lite is often a lot cheaper than the regular Switch, and the Switch OLED. It still has access to the Switch’s enormous library of games, and it’s a perfect gift for anyone who wants some casual gaming post-graduation. The Switch and the Switch Lite have exactly the same internal hardware too, so there’s no compromising on performance.

iRobot Roomba 694

Graduation gift roomba
Image via iRobot
At this point, a Roomba is a fairly well known device: it cleans the floor of your house for you. The 694 variant features AI that can detect dirtier areas of your house or room during its cleaning sessions and spend more time there, if need be. Additionally, it can be remotely activated via the iRobot Genius app, which also allows it to suggest cleaning times based on your likely schedule and habits so that it can stay out of your way. When done, the Roomba will charge itself, making it the ultimate no hassle cleaning solution.

Soundcore by Anker Life 

Earphone graduation gifts
Image via Anker Life
Thanks to the 11mm composite drivers features in the Soundcore earphones, both bass and treble audio is tuned to high qualities while keeping things compact. The size of these might be tiny, but their audio packs a punch. Additionally, these earphones feature color optimization, sound cancellation technology, and an in-house application which can tune the bass quality to the user’s liking.

Often the best tech gifts for graduates are the ones that make their lives just a little more convenient. Whether that’s making it easier to unwind, read a good book or simply watch the things they love, these gifts should make any recent graduate enjoy their days just a fraction more.

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