The best SecretLab themed chair

Sit comfortably, but sit in style.

best secretlab themed chairs 2022

SecretLab gaming chairs are known for their durable build, high-quality materials, and ergonomic comfort. And to sync with your gaming setup, SecretLab’s Titan series chairs come in variety of themes.

We have selected the best SecretLab themed chairs from the Titan 2020 and Titan Evo 2022 series. Before we look at the chairs, lets get familiar with the main differences between Titan 2020 and Titan Evo 2022.

SecretLab Titan 2020 Series features

  • Fluffy, cushiony seat
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Max tilt

SecretLab Titan Evo 2022 Series features

  • Trimmed, firmer seat
  • Adjustable, more pronounced lumbar support
  • Decreased tilt with more control
  • Magnetic pillow

D.Va Secretlab TITAN 2020 Series

best secreatlab themed chair 2022
Image via SecretLab
The pastel pink D.Va chair is enough to make you feel like a diva. Themed after the popular tank from Overwatch, the Titan chair is pleasing to the eye and comfortable to sit on. If you’ve used the Titan 2020 chairs from SecretLab, then structurally, the D.Va chair is exactly the same. The pastel pink makeover is just a cosmetic upgrade. The Titan 2020 series is slightly larger than the Omega chairs. If you’re an Overwatch fan, streamer, or content creator, you might consider getting this themed Titan chair.

Harry Potter Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series

Image via SecretLab
The Titan Evo Series 2022 chairs from SecretLab are like the ramped-up versions of the Titan 2020 series chairs. These chairs aim to combine the best of Omega and Titans. The Harry Potter-themed chair has a soft brick color combined with light caramel streaks. It sports the Hogwarts logo on the front and a silhouette of the Hogwarts castle beside it. On the back, the chair has an elaborate design inspired by Marauder’s Map. Potterheads with a Harry Potter gaming setup should definitely grab this chair.

Attack on Titan Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series

Attack on Titan  Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series
Image via SecretLab
An epic anime series deserves an equally epic chair. This is another themed chair from the latest Titan Evo 2022 series. The colors of the chair are somewhat camouflage shades. The front of the chair has the black and white-winged Attack on Titan symbol on a white background. The side supports are streaked with brown, olive green, and beige lines. The back has a bigger AOT logo on an olive background.

Jinx: League of Legends Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series

Image via SecretLab
The Titan Evo 2022 chairs are the sweet spot between Omega and Titan chairs. And the new Evo series sure has a lot of colorful variety. Inspired by League of Legends’ Jinx, this SecretLab chair is splashed with pink and blue. On the front, it has “Jinx” written on it in hot pink. The sides have pink streaks on the lower half and blue clouds on the top half. The back of it has Fishbone (a.k.a. the rocket launcher) printed on it. LoL fans would definitely like the funky Jinx chair. However, the colors might be too extra for some.

Minecraft: Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series

best themed chairs
Image via SecretLab
The Minecraft-themed Titan Evo chair has a cool green color that resembles the color of grass in Minecraft. On the front, it has Minecraft blocks imprinted in black. The word “Minecraft” is written on the chair’s back. It’s a simple chair with minimal black and green design suitable for a minimalist gaming setup. SecretLab’s SoftWeave fabric lends it a soft, muted look that’d blend with any interiors.

DC Flash: Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series

Image via SecretLab
DC’s Flash-themed chair has bright red and golden colors. It’s mostly red with yellow accents here and there. The gaming chairs feels perfect to sit on – it’s neither too hard nor too soft. The frontal part sports the yellow Flash thunderbolt logo. Meanwhile, the back has a slightly larger Flash logo. Even with the vivid colors, the chair doesn’t look gaudy. The leatherette gives it a premium look and ensures that it won’t look loud.

World of Warcraft Horde: Secretlab TITAN 2020 Series

Image via SecretLab
The World of Warcraft-themed chair is from the Titan 2020 series. If you are a fan of large Titan chairs, then this bright red and black chair might be a fit for you. The gaming chair has a fluffier seat than Titan Evo 2022 chairs. On the front, it has the World of Warcraft logo. The back of the chair is black and has a red banner with WoW logo on it. The banner is bordered with an intricate design.

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