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The best keyboards for Fortnite

The fastest fingers deserve the fastest keyboard.

Keyboards are as important as any peripheral, but they get overshadowed by headsets and mice since the advantage keyboards provide is slightly harder to notice. Mechanical and optical gaming keyboards provide a lower response time, which is especially useful in a game like Fortnite.

While you mostly use your keyboard for standard movement commands in most shooter titles, Fortnite requires you to have more than a few hotkeys scattered around your keyboard. Building keybinds are a prime example of this, and you’ll need to be as fast as possible to outmaneuver your opponents in building fights.

Most professional Fortnite players prefer to use mechanical keyboards that feature a blend of form and function. Tenkeyless and 60-percent keyboards are the competitive standards. The extra desk space provided by smaller keyboards plays a pivotal role in successfully performing flick shots and sudden mouse movements.

There are countless options in the mechanical keyboard market, but the following keyboards are the primary choices of players dominating the Fortnite leaderboards.

Here are the best keyboards for Fortnite.

SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL

SteelSeries’ Apex Pro TKL is one of the company’s most advanced keyboards to date. SteelSeries moves away from the classic switches that most gamers are used to and includes OmniPoint switches inside the Apex Pro TKL.

OmniPoint switch actuation points are adjustable, meaning you can tinker with how your keyboard responds to your touch. While you can use SteelSeries’ software to adjust your switches’ actuation points individually, you also have access to a mini OLED display on the top right corner of your keyboard, allowing you to make changes on the fly by switching to different profiles.

The OmniPoint switches are also perfect for players who can’t decide on a switch type since it allows you to experiment with different actuation points. If you tend to misclick often, you can try increasing your switches’ actuation point or do the opposite for more speed.

Another reason why this keyboard is an excellent choice for Fortnite players is its size and flexibility. The keyboard’s tenkeyless design increases the overall space you’ll have for mouse movements. 

Razer Huntsman Mini

Razer’s Huntsman Mini is the smallest member of the Huntsman keyboard line and features the company’s optical switches. These switches use optical light technology that makes them more responsive than regular mechanical switches. Each key emits a light beam which gets blocked by the bottom of each switch. Once a key is pressed, the switch moves down and allows light to pass through an opening in the switch’s stem. Keystrokes register as soon as the sensor on the opposite side detects the light, meaning your response rate will be close to the speed of light.

Though you’ll need to sacrifice a few keys, the double-shot PBT keycaps on the keyboard have side-printed secondary functions to ensure no crucial functionality is lost.

Considering how fast-paced Fortnite is, a keyboard that utilizes the speed of light is an excellent candidate, especially for players who build like a machine gun.

Wooting Two HE

Wooting’s analog switches were mostly seen as a niche feature when they first came out, but it never stopped improving on the technology. Thanks to popular Fortnite player Benjyfishy, Wooting keyboards found a second wind and are now popular among competitive Fortnite players.

The first two iterations of Wooting keyboards, the One and Two are sold out, but the Two HE is currently available for pre-order. Wooting’s latest version of the keyboard improves the formula by perfecting its analog switches. The switches on the Wooting Two HE can now detect full switch motions with 0.1-millimeter accuracy, making it the most sensitive and accurate keyboard Wooting so far.

Wooting’s analog switches allow Fortnite players to perform more subtle moves while building. A light sensor at the bottom of the switch measures the total amount of light passing through the switch. You’ll be able to reset your keypresses by slightly lifting your finger, making it a hard-to-beat choice for speedy builders. 

The technology behind the analog switches also lets gamers input pressure-sensitive controls. This function allows players to bind multiple actions to a single key. For instance, pressing the W key with more force can double as a sprint command, negating the need to hold Shift in supported titles. It may not be useful for every game type, but this feature is becoming increasingly popular as more brands release keyboards with analog optical switches.

Matrix Elite Series

Fortnite players got a hold of Matrix after its collaboration with Clix. While the Clix editions of the Elite series continue to sell out as they become available, you can still score yourself a standard version.

The Matrix Elite series seems a bit dull at first, but this keyboard has a trick up its sleeve. Matrix’s Elite features hot-swappable switches, making it a popular choice among Fortnite players. Even if you don’t like your initial switch choice, you can swap them out later to try new switch varieties to find the type that best suits you. 

You’ll be able to choose from Gateron Red, Brown, Blue, and Silver switches when ordering a Matrix Elite keyboard. These switches are hidden beneath shine-through, double-shot PBT keycaps, complimented by five preloaded lighting modes.


Roccat’s Vulcan TKL Pro separates itself from the competition with its low-profile keycaps and volume knob. Volume adjusters are quite common in full-size keyboards, but they are often left out on tenkeyless models. Low-profile keycaps don’t alter how the switches work, but the keys will be more sensitive to your touch with the lightning-fast switches beneath them. 

The Vulcan TKL Pro features Titan Optical switches that have an activation point of 1.4 millimeters. This means that the Vulcan TKL Pro’s switches are faster than Cherry MX and HyperX switches. Having switches this fast makes the Vulcan TKL Pro a solid choice for Fortnite players looking for a unique mixture of style and speed. 

HyperX x Ducky One 2 Mini

Choosing between a Ducky and HyperX product could be one of the harder dilemmas you face as a gamer. You can avoid having to choose altogether with the latest brainchild collaboration of these two companies.

The HyperX x Ducky One 2 Mini features the best of both worlds regarding each brands’ designs. From HyperX’s speedy Red switches to the comfort and style of Ducky’s One 2 Mini design, this keyboard is an all-in-one offer that comes around once in a blue moon.

HyperX switches optimize the popular characteristics of Cherry MX switches. The brand’s Red switches undercut the low actuation point of Cherry MX Reds and also improve on stability and longevity.

The Ducky One 2 Mini is one of the keyboards credited with popularizing the 60-percent design. Ducky’s compact design gives gamers more movement area for their mouse.

This 60-percent compact keyboard also comes with textured, backlit, double-shot PBT keycaps. The texture of the keycaps promotes better grip, ensuring your fingers stay put in the heat of the moment.

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