Tfue is sent flying through the Fortnite island after bumping into a Quadcrasher | Dot Esports

Tfue is sent flying through the Fortnite island after bumping into a Quadcrasher

This old bug is still annoying.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite star player Turner “Tfue” Tenney learned how to take The Baller’s mobility to its peak, even though it wasn’t the way he intended to do so.

He was playing an Arena duos match with Denis “Cloak” Lepore live on his stream yesterday. While inside The Baller, he ran into a Quadcrasher and asked cloak if he thought it was a good idea to hop on it instead. When he touched the Quadcrasher, the vehicle flung The Baller with Tfue inside it, and he was forced to hop off the vehicle after being sent into the storm. If he stayed in it, he would’ve gone deeper into the storm and been unable to come back.

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This is an old bug, though. Other players have been sharing videos for weeks where they run into Driftboards and Quadcrashers with The Baller and experience the same effect. Something in the collision between vehicles in Fortnite is occasionally causing this, though it’s hard to say what. Epic has yet to share when it’ll start working on the issue and if there’s a workaround to avoid it.

Bumping vehicles is unusual in Fortnite matches. The most you might see are players in their own Ballers bumping into each other in late-game circles of top-tier competitive matches. This doesn’t send any of them flying through the map, though. Collisions between The Baller and the other vehicles are rare, and players can’t deal damage or slow them down by doing so, which means there’s no benefit from forcing that interaction.

For now, what you can do in your matches is to avoid bumping into other vehicles while inside The Baller. If you do, do it like Tfue and jump off it as soon as you can. We just hope you have a Glider, or you won’t survive the fall.