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Tfue criticizes passive Fortnite pro players

“We’re going to be fighting players that will literally just fucking hide.”

Screengrab via Tfue

Fortnite streamer and pro player Turner “Tfue” Tenney has no more patience for passive players in professional competitions.

Tfue complained about players and duos who practice in custom matches and play the Fortnite World Cup Open Qualifiers by looting little and hiding. His issue with this approach is that this is different than the aggressive playstyle he and his duo partner Dennis “Cloak” Lepore have, and it might leave them vulnerable to these players. Tfue believes that even if these players win early-game fights, this approach will never get them a win.

“We’re going to be fighting players that will literally just fucking hide,” Tfue said. “Their mentality is going to be ‘I want to win this fight, I don’t want to win this game, I don’t want to qualify.’” He said players who think like this will become a problem for the two and it will “grief us the game.”

Tfue mentioned this weekend’s World Cup Duos qualifier, which is the third shot he and Cloak will have at securing a spot in the Finals. Last time the two played together, they placed sixth in the standings and were three points away from qualification. Tfue qualified for the solo tournament already.

“You kill me, you can loot and you can have a potential to win the game,” Tfue said later. “But these fucking idiot kids will dead-ass loot one fucking chest and just sit and hide. Even if you do kill us, you’re not going to have any loot and you’re going to lose the game.”

Players can focus on defensive plays and survival to get points and go up the standings during the World Cup qualifiers. The most they can get each match for survival is 10 points for a Victory Royale, which means they could get 100 points in 10 matches. Even so, most of the players and duos who got a spot in the Finals reached it with a balanced mix of placement and elimination points, which proves Tfue’s point that playing for survival only might not be the best strategy to qualify.

Tfue’s complaints likely won’t change people’s playstyles, which means he and Cloak will have to adapt to it during the qualifiers this weekend. If they fail to qualify, they’ll still have two more shots at it in weeks eight and 10.