Tesla’s Model 3 is coming to PUBG Mobile’s Chinese version, Game for Peace

The car will be available with some limited-edition skins.

Image via Tencent

Game for Peace is going eco-friendly. Tesla’s Model 3 will be dropping in the game tomorrow, the company announced earlier today.

It’s unclear how the upcoming vehicle will be made available in the game, though. The official announcement simply said players can “pick up” the Tesla cars with “limited edition skins” in Game for Peace.

An earlier announcement by Tesla China showed an airdrop, similar to the one in Game for Peace, dropping in front of the Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai. The drop was later carried to the Shanghai Taikoo Hui Center and opened to reveal the Model 3.

Just like in the clip, the drop arrived in real life as well at the Tesla Gigafactory and the Shanghai Taikoo Hui Center.

This partnership is only for Game for Peace, however. Tencent hasn’t made any indication of Tesla’s electric car coming to PUBG Mobile.

Game for Peace is the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile was shut down in the country last year because the developers couldn’t get the game monetized.

Game for Peace, an almost identical version of PUBG Mobile that met China’s regulations, was subsequently released. The game has been developed and published by Tencent, which also owns a five percent stake in Tesla, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Game for Peace is a huge hit in China and has been downloaded over 120 million times in the country since its release, according to a recent report by Sensor Tower. The game has generated over $1.6 billion in revenue from Apple’s App Store alone. Data from Android devices isn’t available in the report since the game has only been published on third-party stores.