Tencent temporarily bans PUBG Mobile players FederaL, Gxlden, and Caiowski for ‘misconduct’

They've been banned from all official PUBG Mobile competitions until July 10.

Image via PUBG Corp.

Former Loops Esports players FederaL, Gxlden, and Caiowski have been banned from all official PUBG Mobile tournaments until July 10, Tencent announced today.

The three players have been suspended for their demonstration during the final day of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) league stage on Dec. 20. The three players landed on a church near Ruins on Erangel. They crouched in a circle in the middle of the church and didn’t participate in the game. All three players were later taken out without fighting back.

The players were protesting the removal of their former team captain Dadin, who was kicked from the roster in the middle of the league due to alleged internal issues at Loops Esports.

Immediately, Tencent disqualified Loops Esports from the PMGC for “unsportsmanlike behavior” and to ensure the “competitive integrity” of the competition. The team also won’t receive any prize money for the month-long event.

Today’s announcement comes just one day after Brazilian esports organization Influencer Rage signed FederaL, Caiwoski, and Dadin. The organization reacted to the announcement in an Instagram story and revealed that it will “honor” the contract it has with the players.

The organization added that it had “a meeting with representatives from Tencent” and that the ban only applies to official tournaments, such as the Club Open (PMCO) and the Pro League (PMPL). The players are free to participate in unofficial tournaments and scrims, according to the org.