Team Summertime assert dominance with “disrespectful” triple assassination in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

"The most disrespectful thing done in the history of Call of Duty."

Image via Activision

One of Team Summertime’s opponents may have broken their controller last night.

Team Summertime, consisting of content creators Davis “Hitch” Edwards, Blake Cissel, and Jorge Estrada, ended a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare round with a triple assassination on an enemy player. Hitch tweeted a video last night showcasing the “most disrespectful thing” in Call of Duty history.

During a GameBattles Search and Destroy match on St. Petrograd, Team Summertime was in an opportune three-vs-one scenario when they decided to have some fun. After stunning their victim, Estrada began the assassination before having it cut short by Cissel’s team kill. When Cissel was in the middle of his animation, Hitch killed him and performed the final assassination, putting their opponent through the wringer.

“I wasn’t gonna be able to sleep if we didn’t get it,” Cissel said.

The tweet was flooded by a mixture of fans who either found it hilarious, saw it live, or pitied the unsuspecting victim.

Hitch was a former videographer for OpTic Gaming and is now a content creator and streamer for NRG Esports, along with Cissel and Estrada. The trio hosted the Team Summertime Movember Invitational last month, where eight teams competed for a $10,000 prize pool.