Team Liquid continues exclusive broadcasting partnership with Twitch

More live and on-demand content is on its way.

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Team Liquid is cementing itself as a Twitch devotee by extending its long-term partnership with the streaming service.

And it’s not exactly a surprise, as the partnership has been ongoing since 2011. The exclusive deal puts Team Liquid in a “pivotal role” in keeping Twitch as the top platform for both professional and casual streamers—their production services, product feedback, and creator guidance helps to improve the platform, according to the press release.

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“Before many other brands came on board, Twitch’s commitment to esports in the early days helped create the spectator generation of gamers,” Team Liquid co-CEO Steve Arhancet said in a statement. “John [Howell] and his team have always understood how crucial it is to give the community great content, while making esports financially viable for teams and players too. Everyone at Team Liquid is psyched to partner with Twitch again in a much more comprehensive manner.”

Team Liquid’s professional players across various esports titles will continue to stream exclusively on Twitch. Additionally, 1UP Studios and Liquid Media, both part of Team Liquid Enterprises, will also create original content for Twitch.

Though Twitch still has a long list of exclusive partnerships, such as TSM, Cloud9, and Evil Geniuses, some professional esports organizations are straying. In April, Team Dignitas announced it would no longer stream exclusively on Twitch, adding Facebook to its broadcasting lineup. Twitch and Facebook, alongside YouTube Gaming, have since been battling it out for a piece of the live streaming pie.

Securing these sorts of exclusive partnerships is just one way for Twitch to continue its dominance.