Team EnVyUs Sweeps Past Gosu Crew

Sometimes, LAN is the great equalizer, and nV showed just that against The Gosu Crew with a hot 3-0 win.

Team EnVyUs dropped a series against The Gosu Crew in an online MLG 2k right before the event, however, what the nV fans saw in Vegas was a much different animal.

nV was able to exact revenge on Gosu, coming out to a hot 3-0 to begin their weekend in Las Vegas, and veteran Jordan “JKap” Kaplan was happy to get the win on a strong side who had an online advantage.

“They are a very talented team, they almost took the uplink from us and extended the series,” said JKap. “It definitely was a different game than online. Of course, they are a triple West Coast team and had host in the 2K, and I think that was a factor on us with us being three East Coast, two guys in the South-East corner of the United States. But they are definitely talented, and I think in the LAN environment, we’ve been thriving just for months with this roster. We just showed up and did our thing.”

With a last second dunk in game two, nV had to come back in overtime to prevent the series extention, and Austin “SlasheR” Liddicoat knew his team’s gameplan needed a switch.

“I kept telling my teammates that ‘I had camo, let’s just get set up and get a team push on out, and we’ll be able to dunk it for sure,'” SlasheR said. “And we had a push going, but they got all my teammates dead and I was alive in the base by myself, so I kept just throwing the drone down waiting for my teammates to get back and trying to stay alive.”

That ability to stay patient allowed SlasheR’s team to take map control, come back, and continue their journey to a 3-0 win.

With the next match for nV being against FaZe Clan, both SlasheR and JKap are excited for a competitive series that will have the Call of Duty community on edge, albeit with different expectations.

“They (FaZe) have come out hot so far, and Infinite Warfare has been different than a Black Ops III FaZe,” JKap said. “They kind of weren’t the same as AW, and now they are kind of back to their elite form. So it should be a fun match, and I think we can hang with anyone.”

“I’m expecting to play a really tough opponent like it always is,” said SlasheR. “But lately, we’ve been getting the better of them, especially at the end of Black Ops III. So I am hoping to come out and 3-0 them again.”

Team EnVyUs is currently 1-0 in Group B, while The Gosu Crew has fallen to 0-1.

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James Mattone is a journalist for GAMURS and can be contacted on Twitter –@TheJamesMattone.

Photo credits: Blazy