Taxi2g shows off the power of movement against NRG Sweet

Gotta go fast?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Newcastle isn’t the quickest character in Apex Legends. Outside of when he places his ultimate ability, he doesn’t have any movement abilities unique to him at all, and his big character model makes him easy to hit, to boot.

That’s probably what sweetdreams was thinking when he chased down an enemy Newcastle in ranked. Sweet, the IGL of NRG’s competitive team and widely considered to be one of the best players in the game, generally has no trouble putting down other players in the game’s ranked mode, even if he’s not making the “smartest” play and just chasing around another player.

Unfortunately for him, this was no ordinary Newcastle.

It turns out that Sweet was chasing Taxi2g, another Apex streamer known for getting the absolute most out of the game’s movement mechanics. This has landed him in trouble in the past, like when he caught a month-long ban for using a glitch that allowed players to dash forward whenever they took their ultimate ability out. This time, however, there was no funny business. Just good movement.

Dipping around corners as fast as possible, Taxi led Sweet on a wild goose chase through Lava Siphon, using his Castle Wall ultimate to quickly reposition back onto a higher platform and finally get a chance to turn around and try to heal. Sweet got to him too quickly for Taxi’s battery to go off, however, so Taxi has little choice but to fight, which he does very well.

“How… what?” Sweet asked in bewilderment, before checking his killfeed and seeing he was taken out by a fellow streamer. He can do little else but laugh at Taxi’s movement and the Peacekeeper shots that led to his downfall.

Being able to shoot your gun well will always be key to success in Apex. But every now and then, someone like Taxi pops up to remind us all that having a little style can be just as important.