Synchro Festival speeds into Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel on April 11

Konami is really pushing players to use the newest cards added to Master Duel.

Image via Konami

As a tie-in for several cards contained in the new Selection Packs, Konami is kicking things into overdrive with the Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Synchro Festival. 

Running from April 11 to 21, players will be tasked with going beyond speed and building decks that only utilize Synchro Monsters in their Extra Decks. This doesn’t mean they will be limited to strategies involving the summoning mechanic, but it will be the only type of card allowed outside of the Main Deck in the festival. 

As per usual, players will have a set of three Loaner Decks that they can use instantly should they not want to use resources to build something competitive themselves. These mainly include strategies that were enhanced via the new Selection Pack, Beyond Speed—like Crystal Wing/Speedroid, Fleur, and Stardust Dragon. 

Throughout the event, players will be dueling to earn Medals. At the end of every duel, these Medals will be added to your total, with the number you earn giving you more rewards, such as up to 3,300 Gems, Reward Tickets, and a Mate Base. 

As for the event-exclusive Forbidden and Limited Card List, the most obvious change is every non-Synchro Extra Deck Monster being banned. Some other key cards have, however, also been removed from play or somewhat limited, including Exodia The Forbidden One. 

You can view a full set of rewards and all of the event info in the Event Duel tab, which is also where you can select which deck you want to use and compete in the Synchro Festival.