Supremacy Makes Roster Change: Hosterz Out, Malls In

Supremacy released "Hosterz" and replaced him with Milleniums "Malls."

Following the controversy of CWL London, it has been announced that Supremacy will be parting ways with Igor “Hosterz” Smirnov. Due to his Russian citizenship and his inability to change it before the event, Supremacy was forced to give up their CWL London spot. Due to this, Supremacy has lost their spot for CWL Atlanta Pool Play and has fallen further away from the top six teams.

With the acquisition of Eddy “Malls” Maillard, it will no doubt leave a few feathers ruffled in the Millenium camp with the squad currently having lower Pro Points than expected. They are at risk of falling even further without acquiring a player with an equal amount of Pro Points to Malls.

Translation: “It’s anger that speaks, sorry everyone and good luck to those concerned.”

With his former team mate Maxime “mAxxie” Ebran making his feelings known on twitter, we might have a rivalry brewing here within the French community. Millenium have made no announcements regarding their decisions on a new fourth player.

This roster change has placed even more importance on the upcoming 2K, with Supremacy dropping down to 9th place it means if both sides avoid potential upsets we will be seeing Imperial face off against Supremacy for the 8th pool play spot.

Supremacy’s Roster:

  • Eddy “Malls” Maillard
  • Brandon “Vortex” Gomes
  • Tommy “Eazy” Besse
  • Faiz “Senka” Aurang

What are your thoughts on Supremacy losing their CWL Atlanta spot due to a player departure? Do you think they should have some form of roster lock to bar players from dropping teams so close to an event’s start? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @GAMURScom.

Image Source: Supremacy