Here are some of the major upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournaments

Get ready for a year full of Smash action.

Image via Nintendo

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s competitive scene is in full swing.

Valhalla and Conference United set the precedent for the competitive landscape, offering their fair share of upsets and hype moments. But now it’s time to look toward the future to see which major events are coming next.

Super Smash Con (Aug. 8 to 11)

This is the only convention in the world dedicated to all things Smash Bros. Early bird registration is open on the website if you plan to head down to the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly, Virginia this month.

Shine 2019 (Aug. 23 to 25)

Shine will be one of the last majors of the year as we wind up for the winter. It promises to end things with a bang. You can register here.

The Big House 9 (Oct. 4 to 6)

Moving into the end of the season, Big House 9 has been one of the largest fall Smash. Bros events since 2011. It’s the go-to place for anyone in the midwest and is sure to have some of the biggest Ultimate players in attendance. It could also be the first Major where Banjo-Kazooie will be playable if the characters come out in September.

Smash Ultimate Summit 2 (Oct. 24 to 27)

Following the success of the first Ultimate Summit event, Smash Ultimate Summit 2 is coming back and will be handled by Beyond the Summit. Not much else is known about the event at this time, however.

This article will be updated as more tournaments are revealed throughout the year.