Summit1g shares his thoughts on New World

He likely won't dive into the game anytime soon.

Screengrab via Summit1G

New World is the latest MMO to burst onto the scene with thousands of players diving into the exciting world of Aeternum. But not all gamers, including popular streamer Summit1g, are jumping into the action just yet. 

During a recent stream, Summit explained his opinion on New World and how it’s not the type of game he wants to play at the moment. 

“I don’t want to spend my whole day grinding,” Summit said. “I’d rather get like nice cheeky one-vs-ones than, you know, huge six-vs-sixes and shit like that in the early game.”

Most MMOs require a substantial amount of grinding to hit the highest level or unlock the best gear. This also means that any player willing to put the time in can reach the top, which is another aspect Summit isn’t too excited about.

“That’s the thing about MMO’s; there’s a ceiling, everybody hits it,” Summit said. “It means everyone else below them catches up.”

New World offers a lot of exciting features and hours of gameplay, but the dedication can be rough. Shroud recently explained that he thinks New World isn’t suited for casual players and that only playing an hour a day can be detrimental. Fans can still enjoy the gameplay and story, but they might always be behind dedicated players. 

Summit might jump into New World in the future, but fans are unlikely to see it on his stream anytime soon.