Summit1g says crossplay in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is “not viable” because of aim assist

"Those guys shoot their ARs, it’s like a... laser beam"

Screengrab via Summit1G

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare allows all communities to play together with its crossplay feature. And while some appreciate playing with friends on different platforms, others believe it can cause unfair competition—like Twitch streamer Summit1g.

Summit1g broke down the issue with Modern Warfare’s crossplay during his Twitch stream yesterday. The streamer understands that aim assist is needed for controller players but doesn’t think it’s “viable” for PC and console players to compete against each other.

“I know you need aim assist with controller,” the streamer said. “But, fuck, it’s not viable, PC, mouse and keyboard and controller competing against each other. It’s just fucking not. Those guys shoot their ARs, it’s like a fucking laser beam… I have to pull down to compensate, they just have to put their crosshair in the right spot.”

Aim assist helps controller players because their cursor follows the enemy that they’re aiming at. Mouse and keyboard players aren’t privy to this feature. Summit1g explained that he has to compensate for the lack of aim assist when shooting by pulling down on his mouse to control gun recoil.

Though Summit1g makes a strong point, common knowledge suggests that using a mouse is superior to a controller because it’s faster and more precise. Aim assist should theoretically even out the scales.

And Infinity Ward devs claim to have designed Modern Warfare with the intention of giving no player an unfair advantage.

“In Modern Warfare, crossplay has been designed to factor play balancing across differences in controller type,” according to an Activision blog post. “No one should feel an unfair advantage. Plus, players have choices on which control device they wish to use on any platform.”

Players who feel that an unfair advantage still exists can opt out of the crossplay feature, but that may cause longer queue times.