Strictly Business Announces Gears Team

Strictly Business announces their new Gears of War esports roster.

Strictly Business, mostly known for their history within Call of Duty esports has now entered the Gears esports scene with their new roster of former MLG Pros and up-and-comers.


I caught up with their captain, Gabriel “NJ Cubano” Diaz for his thoughts on joining Strictly Business:

Glad to be a part of Strictly Business, it’s been a long time coming. After searching for a month or so, we landed a home. I had very extensive talks with Fernando “Polo” Lopez and had numerous interviews. Both sides came to an agreement and this is where we are now. I’m excited for the future and happy to be playing with four other teammates I’ve played with in the past. We look forward to the first big event and will be pushing each other every day to get better as a team.

Keep an eye out to see Strictly Business compete at the Gears of War MLG Columbus Open, which takes plave on November 25th-27th. Their current roster is as follow:

Gabriel “NJ Cubano” Diaz

Michael “Deadly” Greene

Daniel “ZeRoXcel” Nagy

Lawrence “Ahtomic” Flowers

Josh “Rozado” Davilla

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