Streamer who raises money for disabled veterans is first to hit 1,000 wins in Apex Legends season 3

And he's taken out 10,000 enemies in the Outlands.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Raise your glasses⁠—a season three Apex Legends champion has been crowned.

Twitch streamer and U.S. Army veteran FragArtist became the first Apex player to hit 1,000 wins in season Three: Meltdown. The streamer achieved the milestone during his broadcast yesterday and he’s also one of the top Octane players in the world.

“One thousand wins,” FragArtist said. “Right fucking there, dude. Let’s go.”

The streamer’s win count isn’t his only impressive statistic. FragArtist also sports an 8.60 kill-death ratio and has amassed 10,000 kills in just over a month.

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FragArtist’s only competitor in the feat was Twitch streamer mezaog, who’s in second place for season three wins. Mezaog entered FragArtist’s Twitch chat to congratulate the streamer, saying that he was three games away from the 1,000-win mark at the time.

The humble streamer created his channel to raise funds for disabled veterans, donating 100 percent of his earnings to the cause. FragArtist has already raised nearly $4,000.

Fans who want to catch the record holder in action can visit his Twitch channel where he’s now live and playing Apex.