Streamer Shaclone runs it down mid for 5 hours straight but doesn’t get banned in League of Legends

A prime example of noxious attitude.

Screengrab via Shaclone on Twitch

During League of Legends streamer Shaclone’s most recent broadcast, he ran it down the mid lane for hours on end, naturally feeding enemy teams and making his teammates lose without any chance of redemption.

Under the name “Tryhard to Iron 4,” Shaclone went blindly into the mid lane and purposely died to seemingly tank his rating on a handful of different champions. He also made sarcastic comments about his team throughout his stream.

Shaclone explained why he’s deliberately ruining the game for other players. He said Riot banned his main account at the end of season six and at the time he “sarcastically” said ‘I’m gonna buy new accounts and run it down,'” which is supposedly why Riot has targeted him in a “witch-hunt.”

The streamer, however, doesn’t hide the fact he’s purposely losing games. When asked about running it down mid by a viewer, Shaclone said “as I’m doing now.”

For most of Shaclone’s recent stream, he was playing with names off, meaning it’s difficult to find his accounts on tracking sites like OP.GG. It remains to be seen if Riot will step in and ban the player for his behavior.

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