Streamer pulls off last-second VALORANT ace with drawing tablet controller

"Pen btw."

Image via Riot Games

Competitive VALORANT players often fill their setups with the best peripherals to give them the least amount of latency and best chance at winning. One streamer has taken a different route, however, choosing to use a drawing tablet as his controller.

During a recent stream, Star_Rain_ impressively pulled off a last-second ace while using his unique setup.

Despite being the last player left, eliminating the team was textbook until it got down to the streamer’s final duel with the enemy Raze.

During this final exchange, as the streamer was getting his aim on the target, Raze launched her ultimate rocket directly at him. Fortunately, Star_Rain_ was able to get the final elimination in moments before impact, winning the round for his team.

In the past, content creators have used a variety of different controllers to compete in games adding an extra challenge to the game. While most of these have been simply for science purposes, Star_Rain_ regularly competes in VALORANT and other FPS titles using his drawing tablet as his controller.

On Star_Rain_’s channel, the streamer shares the details of his device and exactly how it works. The tablet is used for the streamer’s shooting and aiming purposes while his left-hand covers the rest of the controls.