Streamer produces heartwarming moment after being picked by Tyler1 to join Twitch Rivals team

This is definitely the most wholesome clip of the day.

Image via Twitch Rivals

Twitch Rivals’ upcoming League of Legends Rec Season One may have had some issues during it’s drafting process, but support player I0ki seemed to luck out, and in turn, produce the most wholesome clip of the event when celebrating his selection during the drafting process.

On his stream, I0ki celebrated wildly after Tyler1 selected him to join his team during the draft. While I0ki himself seemed ecstatic, his mother also burst into the view of the camera to celebrate with her son.

Tyler1, who watched the clip on his own stream, was also happy to see I0ki’s reaction.

“That’s awesome. That is awesome. That is awesome,” Tyler said. “That’s awesome, dude. That’s too much for me. That’s what you stream for, dude.”

During this drafting process, the pressure was increased as the teams had already been drafted the day prior before being reset. The Redrafting process came about due to multiple issues including confusion regarding player rankings that saw Tyler1 lose his first pick later in the initial drafting process. This is because he was classified as a Challenger-level player, which put his team over the limit of Challenger players.

I0ki was picked by Tyler1 in this initial draft, but this did not ensure him a place in the tournament during the second selection process. Fortunately, it all worked out for I0ki, who will be competing as part of team Tyler1 in the upcoming event.

The first group stage of the event will begin on January 13.