Streamer gatekeeps Fall Guys’ players in hilarious show of skill

You shall not pass.

Image via Devolver Digital

Team Liquid’s Fortnite pro Tom “72hrs” Mulligan showed off his incredible balance and grabbing skills in Fall Guys last night by gatekeeping one of the game’s most treacherous spots.

In the stage Slime Climb, a bridge consisting of three cylinders serves as a choke point and a tough obstacle for many players. But 72hrs cleared the hurdle with ease and proceeded to make life a living hell for several players lagging behind him.

The Fortnite pro, who’s likely already used to out-skilling his fair share of young players in the battle royale, started to grab onto opponents and throw them down. His grappling rate was highly successful, but he also didn’t slip up once while navigating the precarious terrain.

His excitement in the situation was obvious. His partner was less impressed, however, who repeatedly bemoaned “these poor kids,” even calling for 72hrs to stop.

In the end, the Fortnite pro got his just desserts. 72hrs once again attempted to grab another player later on in the same course. He succeeded but at the cost of his own life, leaving him in a hysterical fit of laughter.

Fall Guys has been a massive hit on all fronts. The battle royale-inspired party game has quickly climbed the Steam charts to become the fifth-most played game currently, hitting an all-time peak of 123,017 players. The unexpected influx of players has even caused the servers to crash, but the developers have been hard at work remedying the issues.

That hasn’t stopped thousands of players from enjoying the game. But if you’re jumping in now, be wary of any aspiring gatekeepers in your way.