Streamer breaks three-year-old Pokémon Diamond and Pearl speedrun record

Just in time for the upcoming remakes.

Image via Game Freak

Just days after the gen four remakes were announced, a streamer has broken a long-standing Pokémon Diamond and Pearl speedrun record by clocking in just seconds quicker.

Twitch streamer Pokeguy completed his run of the game with a finishing time of three hours 43 minutes and 57 seconds. This run was six seconds faster than the previous record held by speedrunner Werster for over three years.

The category the run was attempted in was the any percent glitchless category meaning that Pokeguy simply had to reach the end of the game without using any glitches.

After breaking the record Pokeguy claims that there is still room for improvement. “This run is still extremely beatable as I hit 2 optional trainers right near the end.” Pokeguy shared on Reddit. “I will continue to try to improve this.”

Late last week Nintendo announced the upcoming remakes of the fourth generation Pokémon games to be called Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. These remakes are set to launch later in 2021 and boast a series of visual upgrades to the game to showcase the power of the Nintendo Switch console.

With the increase in popularity of these older games leading up to the launch of the remake, it is likely that many speedrunners will try their hand at breaking this newly set record.

Pokeguy’s full run is available to watch on his YouTube channel linked below.