‘Stop making excuses’: Apex pros hit back at ALGS statement on COVID policy

The pros aren't happy.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Earlier on Friday, the Apex Legends Global Series released a statement on the COVID policy they’ve implemented for both the Stage Two Playoffs, a LAN event held in Stockholm, and now the ALGS Championship in Raleigh. The statement came after the number of players forced out of the competition due to positive COVID tests reached 15 on the second day of the event, according to Liquipedia.

The pros competing in the event, however, are still unhappy about the policy. And they’re letting ALGS organizers know that loud and clear.

“Stop making excuses,” said TSM content creator and Cloud9 competitive member Mac “Albralelie” Beckwith. He went on to accuse the tournament organizer of “cutting corners” in order to not spend as much money on separate accommodations for players that test positive for COVID at the event.

Many players responded to the statement from ALGS, and the sentiments expressed by Albralelie were echoed over and over by his fellow competitors.

NRG in-game leader Chris “sweetdreams” Sexton delivered a similar admonishment to ALGS organizers. Sweet even went as far as to say that the competitors would be willing to play in an online environment to allow all players who qualified to play. While most major esports use LANs for their major events for minimal ping and a greater level of competitive balance than online tournaments can afford, there are examples of other esports using hybrid LAN and online formats for their tournaments. This includes PUBG, whose 2021 world championships in South Korea allowed Chinese teams that could not leave their country to compete remotely. League of Legends incorporated a similar system at MSI 2022 for LPL representatives Royal Never Give Up.

While players were also ruled out of competition in Stockholm due to positive COVID tests, the Championship in Raleigh have seen a far greater number of COVID cases. The first round of the losers bracket, which is currently ongoing, features five separate teams that have been forced to compete without a full team of three after positive tests ruled out competitors, and in some cases, substitutes that were already standing in for players with COVID.