Ster on VALORANT: “It has no soul and no one actually wants to play it”

The streamer also said it just "f****** sucks."

Image via Riot Games

Streamer and YouTuber Ster criticized Riot Games’ new first-person shooter, VALORANT, during a live stream earlier today.

While playing Paladins, the streamer shared his opinions on the latest addition to Riot's game catalog, saying it has “no soul.”

“What was I going to say, about how VALORANT was built in a lab by a scientist and just combined everything you could possibly think of to make a successful game but it has no soul and no one actually wants to play it, but it had enough marketing from Riot so everyone got tricked into the idea that they’re supposed to play it," Ster said. "And it just fucking sucks.”

Ster, who is also known as Star_, found success for his Team Fortress 2 content and was considered by some to be one the most influential players on the internet. Since then, he has shifted focus away from YouTube and turned his attention to streaming instead.

The comments made by Ster come after the company staged a hugely successful marketing campaign on Twitch. This campaign saw early access keys given out to users who watched VALORANT streamers. Doing this saw the game explode on Twitch, with streamers even choosing to replay content during downtime to keep the viewers flocking to their channels.

Since VALORANT became free-to-play for all, the viewer numbers have declined although the game has remained as one of the most popular games on the platform.