Sprattel leaves Paris St Germain

PSG is without a botlane after two high profile departures.

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After the disappointment of missing out on LCS promotion, Paris Saint-Germain have parted ways with support player Hampus “sprattel” Mikael.

ADC, Na “Pilot” Woo-Hyung is also leaving as the team looks to change up its bot lane for the upcoming summer season.

Sprattel originally joined PSG from fellow EU Challenger Series team, Schalke 04, who were demoted from the EU LCS following a disastrous debut in the 2016 Summer Split.

PSG had a difficult season in the EU CS, finishing third overall in the table after securing just two wins out of the five games played.

The two wins were enough to secure PSG a place in the Spring playoffs but failed to beat Fnatic Academy to move on further. If they had beaten Fnatic Academy, it would have put the organization into the Summer Promotion tournament, only two more victories off a place in the EU LCS. 

Many fans and critics at the start of the season had Schalke 04 and PSG as the favourites to qualify, but both fell short.

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It promises to be a tough split. Schalke 04 will be looking to continue its form from last season where the team went undefeated until the playoff loss against Misfits Academy. Origen and Giants Gaming will also join the Challenger Series after both organizations lost in the promotion tournament, to Fnatic Academy and Misfits Academy.