Spheal to be featured in Pokémon Go January 2022 Community Day

The Clap Pokémon is rolling in for even more attention.

Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go’s January 2022 Community Day starts the year with a return to the Hoenn region, this time featuring a round friend that enjoys the chilly winter weather.

Spheal, the Clap Pokémon, is set to star as the featured Pokémon in the first Community Day of the year. This Water-and-Ice type Pokémon first debuted in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, where it has since grown in popularity due to its spherical design and laid-back nature. This event is set to take place on Jan. 16 from 11am to 5pm local time.

If players can successfully evolve their Spheal all the way to its final stage, Walrein, during the allotted time period or within two hours after the event concludes, it will know the exclusive fast attack Powder Snow, as well as the new charge attack Icicle Spear. After the Community Day concludes, these moves will only be learnable by Walrein using Elite Fast and Elite Charged TMs. Spheal also can be encountered in its Shiny colors during this event more frequently.

This Community Day will include the typical three-hour expansions for both Incenses and Lure Modules, allowing players to partake in the activities from their homes. A special one-time free box will be available from the store the day before Community Day containing 30 Ultra Balls for all players, much like for previous Community Days.

Alongside the increased Spheal spawns is the optional purchasable pass, giving players access to the special research, “The Spheal Deal,” that can be completed throughout the duration of the Community Day. This will reward players with more Spheal encounters and various items but is not required to participate in the various features of the Community Day.

Spheal is currently available at increased rates during the ongoing Pokémon Go holiday event. This Spheal is wearing a festive scarf around its round body but is unable to evolve into Sealeo and Walrein. This special costumed Spheal can be Shiny, but will only be obtainable until Dec. 31.

The Pokémon Go January 2022 Community Day featuring the Clap Pokémon, Spheal, will take place on Jan. 16 from 11am to 5pm local time.