Sony to shut down PS4 Community feature in April

The PS4 community loses their communities.

Image via Sony

Another PlayStation feature will soon bite the dust. The Communities feature for PS4 will be turned off beginning in April 2021. Messaging will still be active, but the Communities feature will no longer be available to PS4 users.

This news was sent out to PS4 users via email. Communities now appear on the list of “discontinued PlayStation apps, features, and services.”

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PS4 Communities were introduced in September 2015 with the 3.00 Update, according to EuroGamer. Communities allowed players to form groups based on similar interests, talk and play games with each other, and host events.

Each community could promote a member to the moderator position and schedule events. Events were used to schedule play sessions between members of a community, whether it was just to hang out and play together or to take on a challenge, like a raid.

The prominent features of Communities have slowly been stripped away over the past year, though. Exactly a year ago, Sony terminated the PlayStation Communities mobile app. After that, the ability to schedule events or create private communities that were joinable by request only was removed.

This appears to be the end of Communities altogether since it’s not offered on PS5 right now. There’s been no indication that Sony will implement the feature in the near future.