Sona main with 65 percent win rate becomes first Challenger player in Wild Rift’s SEA season one

Dedicated to music.

Image via Riot Games

Just two weeks after the start of Wild Rift‘s season one, the first Challenger-ranked player has been crowned: a Sona main with an impressive 233 matches played on the champion.

The player, whose nickname roughly translates to “leading the peak,” has compiled 754 matches total in the mobile MOBA at time of writing, meaning they’ve spent slightly less than a third of their whole playing career as the Maven of the Strings. After Sona, their next choice is Vi, clocking in at a comparatively paltry 82 matches.

Screengrab via Riot Games

The music appreciator has an impressive 65.7 percent win rate on Sona with a 59.5 percent overall win rate on the account. They’ve racked up a large number of MVPs and S ratings, which are only going up as the Sona main continues to dominate the Southeast Asia server.

Screengrab via Riot Games

If you’re feeling inspired, Sona is a part of the free champ rotation in Wild Rift right now. The aura-based hero is a great addition to any aspiring support player’s champion pool and could be the first step on your journey to Challenger.

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