Small League of Legends streamer gets hosted by Yassuo on his birthday

Happy birthday, Blender.

Photo via Riot Games

League of Legends streamer Zach “Blender” received the best present for his 22nd birthday—lots of viewers.

Blender got one hell of a gift during his Twitch broadcast yesterday when popular League streamer Hammoudi “Yassuo” Abdalrhman hosted him, sending over 7,500 viewers his way.

“What the fuck?” the streamer said in surprise. “Thanks for the fucking host, man. What the fuck? Holy shit… I’m gonna fucking lose my mind.”

Blender then launched confetti into the air in celebration.

Yassuo’s act of charity began when he decided to host someone that he’s never hosted before.

“If it’s not his fucking birthday, y’all better flame him,” Yassuo said. “I’m gonna host him. I’m gonna raid him. Support him, be nice. He’s a nice guy… What is he wearing, man?”

To commemorate the occasion and stay true to his birthday stream goal, Blender blended together an odd assortment of ingredients, such as sugar cookies, strawberries, rum, anchovies, and roast beef. The streamer then drank the disgusting smoothie on his broadcast while doing his best to keep it down.

Fans looking to support Blender can tune in to his Twitch channel where he streams four to seven days a week.