Shroud says he has spent thousands on Lost Ark microtransactions

Shroud spends big.

Screengrab via Shroud on Twitch

Popular Twitch streamer and former CS:GO pro Shroud revealed he has spent thousands of dollars on Lost Ark, Amazon’s latest MMO.

Lost Ark launched almost one month ago, and it has seen a meteoric rise both on Twitch and in its player base. Only one day after release, the MMO broke 1 million concurrent players and garnered the attention of countless streamers and content creators.

Despite initially claiming that Lost Ark was one of the most boring games he had ever played, the primarily FPS player has come back around on Amazon’s MMO. Nearly every day since Feb. 14, Shroud has streamed Lost Ark for a minimum of eight hours. It is safe to say that the streamer is loving the recently-released MMO, but Shroud gave his audience a glimpse into how much he has truly invested in the game.

While looking through his Steam purchase history, Shroud said “You can see my purchases back in 2008 and 2009. I bought three things in one year, equaling up to $100.” The streamer then looked to his 2022 purchases, “and then Lost Ark happened.”

Shroud went on to point out the seemingly endless list of $100 microtransactions he had made on Lost Ark, estimating that “There has to be over $2,000 spent on Lost Ark. There just has to be.”

The sheer amount of microtransactions that Shroud has spent on has even limited how quickly he can advance through the game’s content. Now forced to pace himself through the remainder of Lost Ark’s content, Shroud has said he is determined to limit his number of microtransactions.