Shroud, n0thing, Hiko, and Skadoodle to compete in Code Red 2-vs-2 tournament

Can the former pros win it or will they be beaten by streamers?

Do you miss watching former professional CS:GO players like Michael “shroud” Grzesiek, Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert, Spencer “Hiko” Martin, and Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham compete? If so, you can see all of them and more play in the Code Red two-vs-two Invitational, which starts today at 1pm CT.

Well-known streamers like Coby “dizzy” Meadows, Félix “xQc” Lengyel, and Erik “fl0m” Flom will also compete in the tournament today.

Here are all of the duos for today’s Code Red tournament.

  • Shroud and Justin “Just9n” Ortiz
  • Dizzy and Brandon “Aceu” Winn
  • N0thing and Skadoodle
  • Fl0m and Hiko
  • XQc and m0xyy
  • Shaffer and Matthew “Wardell” Yu

The duos will play against each other and after all of the matches end, the two best pairs will proceed to the grand finals. The Code Red tournament will only feature best-of-one games.

The map pool includes wingman versions of Inferno, Train, and Overpass. The grand finals will be played on Shortdust.

It’s safe to say that shroud and Just9n, n0thing and Skadoodle, and Fl0m and Hiko are the favorites to win the tournament since all of them played CS:GO professionally at some point. But Code Red will likely be a fun tournament where the players try to pull off some crazy plays, so anything can happen.

The winners will take home $5,000 and the runners-up will earn $3,000. The third-place duo will complete the prize pool and grab $2,000.

You can watch the Code Red two-vs-two Invitational on Esports Arena’s Twitch channel.