Shroud calls Apex’s new Deja Loot mode “poorly executed”

The new game mode is not for everyone.

Image via shroud

Shroud has a long history with Apex Legends. He was one of the most popular Apex Legends streamers in 2019 but eventually moved on to other games. He recently made a return to Apex and has played it several times in the past few months, but the streamer is less than enthusiastic about the battle royale’s newest game mod, Deja Loot.

Shroud addressed the game mode in a recent stream highlights video. While he was opening System Override event packs, a viewer asked how he felt about the limited-time mode.

“Terrible—poorly executed as always,” Shroud responded. He did not further elaborate on his reasons for disliking the game mode, but his comments seem to indicate that he thinks it could have been done in a better way.

The Deja Loot mode causes loot to respawn during matches, which makes it easier for players to find items and weapons. The higher amount of available loot results in most teams being fully equipped with powerful weapons and armor by the end of the match. The limited-time game mode is a fun addition to Apex but is not as balanced as a normal match. This difference might be the cause of Shroud’s disappointment.

This is not the first time Shroud has disliked a new mode in Apex Legends. He was unimpressed with the Grand Soirée event and called for more drastic changes to be added to the game. Several champions have received updates since these comments which Shroud has seemed to enjoy.