ScoutOP releases Team XSpark’s PUBG Mobile roster

The ban on the game in India was the reason for the decision.

Image via Tencent

Former Fnatic PUBG Mobile pro Tanmay “Sc0utOP” Singh (popularly known as Scout) announced today that he is releasing Team XSpark’s PUBG Mobile roster.

Team XSpark is an esports organization based in India started by Scout in 2020. The roster consisted of Shivamm “420op” Raghav, Ammar “Destro” Khan, Mohamed “EvoO” Shahil, and Aditya.

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Scout announced his decision to release the roster through an Instagram story thanking the players. He said that the uncertainty surrounding PUBG Mobile’s ban in India was the reason for this decision.

PUBG Mobile was banned in the South Asian country on Sept. 2, 2020, in an apparent crackdown on “Chinese applications” by the government. Subsequently, PUBG Corp. announced that it was taking over operations in the country and would launch a separate game for Indian audiences. So far, there has been no news regarding the game’s probable return.

“Who knows what will happen after PUBG [Mobile] comes back to India,” Scout said. “[I] hope it will be back soon. But, I’ll stick to the decision taken by the [Indian] government and respect it.”

Team XSpark, even as a new roster, proved to be a formidable force in the Indian PUBG Mobile scene. The team managed to get first place in the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) fall split India 2020 and qualified for the Pro League (PMPL). The game was banned before the roster could compete in season two of the PMPL South Asia, however.