Scarra on toxic TFT viewership: “The success comes with some growing pains”

The streamer is having difficulty with his recent success.

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Although his viewership tripled from the success of Teamfight Tactics, William “Scarra” Li addressed the toxicity in his Twitch chat that’s been adding to his “mental fatigue.”

The former League pro appeared on the “Off the Pill” podcast yesterday, hosted by Ryan “nigahiga” Higa, where he discussed the difficulties of streaming to new viewers.

Scarra addressed toxic viewers who “backseat” and tell him what he’s doing wrong.

“When you get new viewers, you have to be really careful, especially when it comes to strategy games because there’s a lot of backseating,” Scarra said. “When it happens in TFT, and I have a lot of new viewers coming in and they’re just like super toxic, super aggressive, and I can’t get a good flow going for my gameplay.”

Scarra is now 243 days into his 365-day stream challenge, which has proven more difficult than he anticipated. The streamer tweeted last month that the process has been “deteriorating [his] mental.”

In order to counteract the negativity, the streamer created a “defense mechanism” to cope with his recent troubles.

“I try not to be upset or snap back at my viewers as much, I ban a lot more people every day,” Scarra said. “I’m streaming a little bit less, you know, I started reading fantasy fiction to try, and like, balance out my day-by-day.”

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