Scarra encounters Nocturne bug in League that disconnects his entire team

Riot are aware of the bug.

Twitch streamer Scarra and his squad of Offline TV members faced a unique bug in a recent game of League that caused their entire team to disconnect.

In a clip from his stream, you can see that once the enemy Nocture activates his ultimate, not only does Scarra’s game freeze, but his allies also encounter the same issue.

The team’s initial reaction was to connect back into the game as soon as possible, proceeding to beat the other team and have a chance to take back the game. The other team hadn’t been disconnected at all, however, as they soon found out.

After the game booted back up it was too late, and the enemy team had breached the Nexus and were dealing the final blows to finish the game.

This error was first reported more than two weeks ago and occurs only when an enemy Nocture uses his ultimate ability. The bug occurs when vision is taken away from the team during his ultimate, according to a Reddit user

“The bug here is that a unit your client has never seen before and has no information on last hits a turret, prompting an announcement of what has last hit the turret – but there is no information on that unit, causing a fatal error,” the user wrote.

While this issue has caused problems recently, according to the user, the current PBE patch has rolled out a fix for the issue. When the situation occurs, an error message will be read on-screen while all players remain in the game.

Sadly for Scarra and his team, there isn’t anything that can be done to get that game back, but the positive is the issue should be fixed soon. 

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