Samsung Game Optimization might be throttling thousands of non-gaming apps

According to users, Samsung's GOS has been slowing down different apps.

Image via Moonton

Mobile gamers believe that Samsung’s own game optimization app could be throttling the performance of their devices outside of gaming.

First posted to Twitter by user GaryeonHan, findings from the Korean mobile gaming community indicate Samsung’s GOS app isn’t just optimizing performance for games, but also in thousands of mobile apps you may be using every day.

Among their findings were YouTube, Microsoft’s suite of apps, maps, the camera, and a ton more.

Samsung’s GOS works to reduce the heat output and increase battery life while gaming. It accomplishes this by limiting performance, but it seems that when this is active in the background it can also affect non-gaming applications.

This is believed to have led to tons of users reporting poor performance on things like Samsung Pay, Netflix, and more.

GaryeonHan also noted performance benchmarking apps like Geekbench and 3dmark were not included in the list of titles GOS has been limiting. This would seem to be so these apps still show the phone’s maximum performance.

Following the first reports, Samsung reportedly shared that they will be conducting an internal investigation. A statement also found its way online which claims to be from Samsung Korea: “We continue to collect opinions from customers to expand users’ options and provide optimal performance.

“The Samsung Galaxy S22 series’ GOS (Game Optimizing Service) is a built-in app that optimizes CPU and GPU performance to prevent excessive heat generation during long game play. In order to meet the needs of various customers recently, we plan to implement a SW update that provides a performance priority option in the game booster lab within the game launcher app as soon as possible.

“We will continue to listen to consumers’ opinions and do our best for customer satisfaction and consumer protection,” Samsung Korea concluded.