Salandit, Salazzle, and Shadow Latias to appear in Pokémon Go’s All-Hands Rocket Retreat event

A handful of other new Shadow Pokémon will also appear.

Image via Niantic

Team Go Rocket is up to their tricks again, taking advantage of the recent Alolan adventure going on in Pokémon Go to make more Shadow Pokémon. This includes a new Shadow Ace for the big boss Giovanni—Shadow Latias. 

Running from April 3 to 7, Go Rocket is taking an All-Hands Rocket Retreat with their Shadow Pokémon. Salandit, Salazzle will also be appearing for the first time during this event, with the Poison/Fire-types available to players through 12km Eggs. 

To save Shadow Latias, you will need to complete a new Special Research story and activate the Super Rocket Radar to chase down Giovanni. But Go Rocket Leaders Sierra, Cliff, and Arlo, his top executives, aren’t going to make it easy. 

Throughout the event, Team Go Rocket will be appearing more frequently at PokéStops and in balloons. Sierra, Cliff, and Arlo will be using different Shadow Pokémon than usual, which also have the chance to appear as Shiny when you attempt to save them. 

A handful of other new Pokémon have also been turned into Shadow Pokémon for the Grunts too. Here is a list of new Shadow Pokémon that Grunts may have during the All-Hands Rocket Retreat event: Shadow Alolan Rattata, Shadow Alolan Sandshrew, Shadow Alolan Exeggutor, Shadow Sudowoodo, Shadow Girafarig, or Shadow Numel.

Field Research during the event will give players access to encounters with Sneasel and Scraggy. You can also use a Charged TM to help a Shadow Pokémon forget the Charged Attack Frustration.