Roro’s Dragonstrike helps Warriors earn a win

The DPS player hit a well-placed arrow and displaced the Mavericks.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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Hanzo’s Dragonstrike is often considered one of the least useful ultimates in professional Overwatch, but Warriors Esports’ Rowan “Roro” Goldsmith turned it into a game-changer. In the Warriors’ match against the Melbourne Mavericks during the third week of Overwatch Contenders Australia, Roro showed off his sniper skills and set his team up for a 4-0 sweep against the Mavs. 

By the final map, Havana, Warriors were already running away with a dominant 3-0 lead. Melbourne made some progress on Control map Busan, but the Warriors had taken the reins of the match.

For their Havana attack, Warriors went with a double sniper team composition, with Roro on Hanzo and Huseyin “Hus” Sahin on his deadly Widowmaker. The Mavericks attempted to run a bunker composition on their defense, but ended up switching to a double sniper composition themselves to fight back. 

On the final point of Havana, a notoriously difficult map to finish, Melbourne had set up a reasonable defense within the castle walls. Roro shot Hanzo’s Dragonstrike in an attempt to dislodge the enemy snipers from their safety behind Orisa’s shield, but he gained much more. The Mavericks’ Hanzo and Zenyatta were eliminated by the Dragonstrike since Roro shot it at such a close angle. The rest of the team scattered to avoid the ultimate. 

Since Roro used his Dragonstrike to dislodge the Mavericks, his team was able to capitalize. Hus took out the Mavericks’ Roadhog and Roro hit a headshot on the opposing Widowmaker. Melbourne’s Harry “Cazzette” Smith did his best to delay the payload as Mercy, but was quickly eliminated by Hus.

Roro’s well-placed ultimate allowed his team to finish Havana with over two minutes in the time bank. Melbourne were held from completing the first point on their attack and the Warriors went home with a 4-0 sweep. 

Warriors Esports face Athletico on July 8 at 4am CT.