Selfless unable to best Rogue in the Overwatch Monthly Melee

We could see the teams face off again in the Overwatch PIT Championships.

With less one minute left to push the payload to its Watchpoint: Gibraltar parking space, North American Overwatch team Selfless Gaming is just meters away from forcing the March Overwatch Monthly Melee into overtime.

After falling to Las Vegas–based Overwatch team Rogue on Hollywood, Selfless Gaming clawed its way back, tying the grand finals series up 2-2 by winning both Temple of Anubis and Nepal. (Rogue started from the upper bracket, giving them one additional point to start the grand finals series with.)

And in the end, Selfless just couldn’t push past Rogue’s defense. It came down to composition: Both teams proved unwilling to really switch up their compositions through the entirely of the Overwatch Monthly Melee, sticking instead to what they knew. For Rogue, it’s more of a dive composition, regardless of whether they’re on offense or defense. Selfless, on the other hand, is comfortable running a 2/2/2 composition centered on its aggressive DPS players.

But its with those DPS heroes that Rogue untangled Selfless, who had utterly stumped Overwatch teams in the ground stage and through the brackets. Terrence “SoOn” Tarlier of Rogue matched—and often surpassed—Selfless’ Jay “sinatraa” Won on Tracer, landing pulse bombs where sinatraa may have missed. Similarly, Daniel “dafran” Drancesca, who many consider to be Selfless’ hard carry, was not always able to stand up to Rogue’s Dylan “aKm” Bignet on Soldier: 76.

This isn’t the last time Rogue and Selfless will see each other in battle this month. By qualifying for the Overwatch PIT Championship, Selfless will likely see invited team Rogue somewhere along the way. Should they play as they did in the Overwatch Monthly Melee, they’re sure to go far once again.