Riot updates their approach to matchfixing and win trading in League of Legends: Wild Rift

Players who breach these rules will receive a harsher punishment.

Image via Riot Games

Players on the League of Legends mobile experience Wild Rift will be pleased to hear that Riot Games will be cracking down on win trading and matchfixing in ranked.

In an update shared today, Riot explained that those caught breaching the rules would face severe consequences including a seven-day ban, the loss of all current season rewards, and having their rank reset to Iron IV.

According to Riot’s policy, win trading is defined as the act of manipulating matchmaking queues to get on the opposite team as another player with the attention of altering the outcome of the game. Matchfixing, as the name implies, refers to players who intentionally and repeatedly act in a way that causes their team to lose or forfeit.

For first-time offenders, there will be a ban from the leaderboards put in place on their accounts that will last the duration of the current season. Those who are caught win trading will also have their account removed from champion leaderboards.

Riot closed out their announcement sharing that they are well aware that sometimes players just have bad games, and the system will solely target those who repeatedly exhibit the attributes of matchfixing or win trading.

“If you’ve recently been camped in lane, had your jungle permanently invaded, your team refused to group – whatever the reason for your unlucky performance – don’t worry, you’re safe!” Riot said.

While the announcement doesn’t explicitly state so, it is likely that these changes to punishments will be enacted in-game immediately. This should help to keep the ranked play more balanced going forward.