Riot says Galio, then Evelynn are next on the docket for reworks

Riot intends to rework Evelynn once they revamp Galio.

Riot is working on a bunch of reworks for current champions, such as Galio and Urgot, but now it has been revealed that Evelynn will follow Galio on Riot’s list of champions to revamp.

“Team Alpha,” the large rework team, loosely stated what their ambitions are for the champion. “While Evelynn’s archetype as a sexy shadow assassin has aged well, we feel she can be greatly improved if we rebuild her from the ground up,” the rework team stated. “The first thing we want to address is Evelynn’s kit. Our three big design goals with Evelynn’s kit are to solidify her as the Assassin she was meant to be (not the diver she has become), add a bit more more satisfaction on ability use, and increase her game health.”

The “State of the Champion” monthly update went on to explain that, “specifically, we want to make her map presence less oppressive in the early game. We think PermaStealth is a cool and unique trait, so we don’t plan on removing it but we do think there is a healthier version of it that will allow us to shift power elsewhere in Evelynn’s kit.”

Evelynn has not seen much competitive play since her assassin changes, with junglers favoring champions like Ivern or Kha’Zix, who can snowball early and help their team to an early lead and close out games. However, this could all change after her eventual rework. 

You can check out more info on the Galio and Urgot rework here.

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Image via Riot Games.