Riot is removing the account transfer option for Wild Rift players in the Americas soon

You will no longer be able to migrate your account to the new servers.

Image via Riot Games

If you played League of Legends: Wild Rift before the game was released in North and South America, the option to migrate your account to the new servers in these regions is being removed soon.

Wild Rift launched in open beta for players in North and South America in late March, over five months after the game’s first regional beta in select countries of Asia. Riot attributed the delay in release to the development of new server infrastructure for the region. The game has separate servers in the Americas that can’t crossplay with the ones in Europe and Asia.

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Even though the game was released in March, a lot of players got into the beta earlier by using VPNs. For these players, Riot enabled account transfers to the Americas servers. In a tweet yesterday, the company revealed this option is being removed and asked players who haven’t transferred their accounts yet to do it soon.

To migrate your account to the North and South America servers, simply open and log in to your account without a VPN enabled. The game will automatically detect you are in these regions and prompt you to migrate your account. Doing this will remove all progress from your account. Any Wild Cores purchased will be restored, though.